Cohesion in Colour: A retrospective by Duke Asidere

6th - 20th November


Cohesion in Colour is an exhibition that presents a vibrant body of work segmented to cover various periods of Asidere’s successful Studio practice.

Displaying works from the late 1980’s to present day, the exhibition explores a diverse scope of subject matter, ranging from political commentary, as seen in The Law Breaker (2017) that sheds light on elements of social injustice and corruption; to pieces like The Massive sisters (2019), Portrait of my mother (1987) & Discussions of the Soul (2011) that portray social and psychological struggles he witnessed from members of his immediate family and those he connected with throughout his life.

Walking through Asidere’s vivid oeuvre of figurative & abstract paintings, we invite you to embrace the many layers of his lived experiences and his views of Contemporary African events.

Installation Views