Patches of Time

18th February - 12th March


Patches of Time, according to Alimi Adewale, is a response to the invincible; what can only be felt (not seen), like love and divinity.

Completely transcendental, this body of work is about a yearning to establish connection between the living and the dead; as an essential step to establishing our identity and sense of purpose as Africans. Through his ideas and artistic style, his work, as an act of reappropriation, is grounded in the belief that sustainable positive change can only be achieved when innovations are crafted history and endemic cultural knowledge.

Drawing inspiration from works of Picasso, Modigliani and Giacometti, who were influenced by African sculptures, Alimi reappropriates their work as a contemporary measure of self expression. By layering his mediums of sculpture, photography and painting, he illustrates paradigm shifts of the Contemporary African society, all of which acts to overcome dispossessive forces of imperialism.

Installation Views