Established in 2020, O’DA Art Gallery has a dual focus on championing mid-career and established contemporary artists from Africa and its diaspora.

Bridging the gap between local and international audiences, our gallery is committed to showcasing artists who explore a wide range of themes such as, identity, technology, political commentary, social consciousness and environmental change. With “beauty” at the epicentre of our gallery vision, we strive to present timeless displays by fusing art and interior design to create an immersive environment for our audiences. With a continuous programme of sublime exhibitions, installations and performances, the gallery aims to foster global partnerships, expand a gallery residency programme and welcome art professionals to contemporary West African art practices.jasaseo.link

Obida Obioha

founder & director

Obida Obioha is the creative director of a number of design related enterprises: ODA Art (art advisory), O’DA(Interior Design) and Obida.Store (Product and fashion design). The unifying thread interweaving these seemingly disparate businesses is the desire to spread beauty and wellness into people’s lives.

Obida trained at Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Interior Design and a Diploma in Product Design. He has a sharp eye for design that works by fusing African Aesthetics with a Contemporary nod.